Apply for our 2019 women’s course

We are proud to launch our 2019 women’s course – focussed on UI/UX and software development.

The course requires 2 nights of taught classes (2 hours each), taking place at our Knoll Street location. If candidates are to get the most out of the course, they are expected to do about the same time in self-study (either homework or individual projects).

After term 3, candidates will have built up a strong portfolio of work so that employment is the next logical and available step – the MTA team actively help with this, and our record for getting jobs for our graduates is fairly strong.

Please fill out your application here to be considered for this class:

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If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.

If you can’t wait until we process the applications, here are a number of excellent resources which will start you on your journey: