Why Learn to Code?

Programming/coding/software development is going to be the single most important educational skill in the coming years. As Dan Crow says in his article¬†“Software is the language of our world:¬†Software is becoming a critical layer of all our lives. It is the language of our world. In the future, not knowing the language of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate or innumerate are today”.

The government has recognised the importance of teaching children how to code and in 2014 released a new curriculum for both primary and secondary schools which places a large focus on teaching programming.

Pretty soon – you won’t be able to get a job if you don’t have at least a rudimentary grasp of software development.

We’ve seen how coding is a great fit for people who have spent time in an intense learning environment (yeshiva/kollel) – the methodical, logical and intellectual challenges they’ve had to overcome are exactly those skill-sets that software programming requires.

Here are a number of articles worth reading/sites worth visiting: